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The leading independent information-service for Germanspeaking travellers to Australia and all Aussie-Fans.
Section Period Value Unit Advertising Options - e.g. price start at
database of operators Dec 19 1688 requests database of operators 6,50 €
pinboard of offers Dec 19 532 requests pinboard of offers 3,00 €
e-mail newsletter Dec 19 10001 subscribers newsletter ads 104,00 €
complete site Dec 19 1295377 page requests banner ads 90,00 €
  Dec 19 186292 visits text-links 6,50 €

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Database of operators

database of operators

Functionality ECONOMY
address included included included
email-address included included included
link to your homepage included included included
display of service categories included included included
listing position on database request standard prior to basic-2 on top
individual description 300 chars 600 chars 800 chars
photos - - 3 photos included
company logo - yes yes
advertisment on pinboard of offers optional optional optional
entry in fair calendar included included included
order page for brochures etc. - - included
performance statistics online included included included
commercial answers in forum allowed allowed allowed
online examples example example example

price in €
installation (one-time) 20,00 € 30,00 € 60,00 €
listing (monthly) 6,50 € 13,00 € 39,90 €
minimum duration 12 Monate 12 Monate 12 Monate

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Pinboard of Offers

Pinboard of Offers

Functionality Description
  • formatted rich-text with different fonts, font-sizes, colors, bold and italic, etc.
  • possible: automatic start / finsih for display of your offer (e.g. if offer is valid for a certain tme only)
Link to your company Offer is linked with your entry in the database of operators.
Update Whenever and as ofter as you like without any extra cost while using our online admin tool
Requirement Entry in database of operators
Charging We will charge by day as you use the pinboard. The unit is "rows" where 1 row is one line of text with standard font size. We will charge at least the minimum volume (see below).
Online examples Example

Price in €
In combination with ECONOMY-entry in database 0,80 € each row and month
In combination with STANDARD- or PREMIUM-entry in database 0,50 € each row and month
Minimum duration 12 month
Minimum volume 6 rows

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Functionality Description
  • You define the URL to which we will link
  • The description for the link will be written by us. Of course we try to respect your needs and wishes.
  • About 10 words / 80 characters for the description (one line)
  • The links will be placed at the top of the page
  • We reserve the right to decline a link if we do not agree with the content of the target site (for example sexual or extremistic content)
Possible pages We allow text links on almost all pages - the main categorie pages and a small number of special pages are not possible for text links.
Charging 12 month in advance.
Online Examples Example

Price in €
Setup (one-time) 20,00 €
Monthly 6,50 € each link
Minimum duration 12 month

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Banner advertisment


Functionality Description
Linking straight to your sevices Link from your banner to your Homepage or e-Mail-address.
Position Below headline in upper part of the page (visible without scrolling)!
Banner-sizee Standard size 468 x 60 pixel, max. filesize 75 kbyte
Formats JPG, GIF, animated GIF and Flash (must be transparent Flash)
Minimum booking 100 clicks or 2000 views, 5000 views at the forum.
Online Example Example

Price in €
Content Page: AdView 45,00 € per 1000 views (TCP)
Forum: AdView 20,00 € per 1000 views (TCP)
alternative (only on content pages): AdClick 0,90 € per click (PPC)

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Your advertisment in our email-newsletter


Functionality Description
Availability Check for available spaces online
  • within the newsletter, marked as advertisemt ('Werbung')
  • the newsletter is published in a HTML- and a text-only-version. Most of our users (>95%) choosed the HTML-version.
Booking 5 working days prior to newsletter release date (so usually the Friday before the usual release date of the newsletter – every 2nd Thursday)
Ad Text Delivery You can write the text with our online editor. You can use design elements like different colors, fonts, font-sizes and styles. Pictures and active content like javascript is not allowed.
Subscribers As of Dec 19: 10001
Pricing basis: 10000
Discounts for multiple booking 4 ads in a row: 20%
12 ads within one year: 35%
Conditions Pricing is based on the amount of subscribers. The price per thousand contacts/subscriptions (TCP) is constant, while the total price is based on the amount of subscribers. Prices displayed are based on the current amount of subscribers. Figures will be updated monthly. The TCP is shown in brackets.

Benefit with early booking: Your individual pricing is based on the amount of subscribers on the date of booking. As our amount of subscribers increases continously you will benefit of an early booking as your pricing is based on a lower amount of subscribers. The amount of subscribers is also always rounded to the lower 1000 figure.

Online Examples Example

Price in € with 10001 subscribers
1st section 140,00 € (TCP: 14,00 €)
2nd section 120,00 € (TCP: 12,00 €)
3rd section 100,00 € (TCP: 10,00 €)
4rd section 80,00 € (TCP: 8,00 €)

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Your order

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General terms and conditions

Please read the following hints:

Handling fee for our customers outside Germany 12,50 Euro per invoice

Unfortunately international money transactions still need more effort to handle when it comes to banking fees and the administration. Instead of hiding those fees in the advertising costs we display them separately for your transparence. Additionally we hope to be able to cut down this fee in the future too, when banks charge less for international transactions . This flat fee covers those additional handling fees. To keep administration procedures for you to a minimum we will put every effort in summing up your various orders throughout a period in one invoice.

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