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Around 200.000 people are visiting Australia each year from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - most of them on holiday. They are your potential clients. Check out the unique opportunities to get in touch with a lot of them in using our service. Please click also on the following additional sources - provided for your better understanding of market and services.

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A Unique Service

Among the various web-sites in German language we are proud to offer a series of quite unique features. We invite you to explore the most...

comprehensive guide of tourism destinations of Oz.
current compilation of facts and hints for easy travelling to and within Australia.
frequented meeting-point for exchanging indiviudual travel information.
bustling virtual marketplace for Australian Travel - where tourism operators find their new clients.

This service enjoys an exceptional reputation as highly reliable source of information. This is reflected in lots of press-reviews (statements are only available in German)

General Contents

The contents are currently divided in 7 sections. All information is kept up to date as often as possible and new contents are added step by step.

News (Aktuell) A compilation of News of all categories of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE and information about weather, exhibtion and club meeting dates, up-to-date travel offers and many more.
We rely on heaps of sources - primarily own resaech, secondly press releases, information services, electronic newspapers, print media and much more.
Facts (Fakten) The preparation for Travelling will be easier with...
Travelling to Australia (Anreise) There are various options to reach Australian shores. This section show them almost completly:
  • 25 routings of several Airlines and their Stop-Over-Options,
  • 18 Stop-Over-Destinations with brief portraits
  • plus hints for a comfortable long-distant flight.
Tourtipps Systematic in-depth-information on selected attractions of Australias major holiday destinations and also various places off the beaten track.
  • More than 60 portraits in an extensive guide - from cities as big as Sydney to small places like Cape Tribulation.
  • Special-Interest-Features, about topics like diving, horseriding, vinegrowing.
  • More than 40 recommended tours linking the single destinations / regions for the free independent traveller.

Operators (Anbieter) A comprehensive interactive database of Operators of tourism services for tours to and in Australia - especially provided for the needs of the Germanspeaking market - one of the most important features of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE. As far as we know it is the only one of its kind.
If your service is not mentioned in this database, please do not hestitate to list yourself online now.
Medien Idealer Ausgangspunkt für die Suche weiterer Informationen über Australien - insbesondere zu Reise-Themen. Hier finden Sie Literatur-Tipps, Kontakt zu Australien-Insidern und Auswanderern, Web-Seiten von Australien-Fans, und Rezensionen von anderen Medien wie Musik, Kino u.v.m.
Service Sie haben noch Fragen? Oder Sie suchen einen Reisepartner? Oder Sie möchten sich regelmäßig auf dem laufenden halten? In der Rubrik Service finden Sie die Antwort auf diese Fragen - vom 14-tägigen Newsletter über eine FAQ-Liste und unserem beliebten Australien-Forum bis hin zu einer Reisepartner-Börse.

Special Services

Blackboard The most frequented forum of indivudual discussion and information research about travelling to and in Australia in German language in the Internet. Our users seek...
  • ...advice for choosing an operator, accomodation or a special destination.
  • of information about several touring options
  • ...hints for easier travelling
Lots of the entries are also reflected in the editorial part of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE, like wedding-possibilities, New Year's Eve or Olympics 2000.
Newsletter A bi-weekly newsletter keeps our users up to date about...
  • news of politics, currency rates, developments in tourism destinations (like new or upgraded attractions and services) .
  • recommendation for TV-broadcasts of programms about Australia in German speaking TV, selected new book-, video- and magazine-releases with Australian content.

Your Virtual Marketplace

AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE offers several interesting options for joining this virtual marketplace. The basic inclusion is even free! Aparat from the basic service - the listing in the interactive database - we welcome your requests for further cooperation.

They are all right here Whether private or business users - you will find them from in Germany, Austria and Switzerland all right here:
  • managers and employees in the tourism business at tour operators and travel offices.
  • journalists from offline and online media.
  • and last, but not least, lots of travellers themselves.
Highly efficient Our clearly defined target-group gives you an unparalleled "No worries-guarantee": You are spending your advertising money without targeting the wrong ones.
Tailored to your needs You can even select links to your local or regional service from the descriptions of those towns or regions you are doing your business!
Increasingly popular Every month you will get the benefits of our media-presence, that is reflected in continously rising user figures.
Good company Your good name will find good company. Our virtual marketplace of operators is already joined of a wide range of businesses.

Quick Profile of dlp software and reiseservice GmbH

Dipl. Betriebswirt (BA)
(business management)
Ingo Dreyer
databases, networks

Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH)
(business management)
Jörg-M. Lenz
chief editor
expert for Australia & New Zealand

Roland Peyer
chief editor
expert for USA

1992 Foundation in Allmersbach im Tal, near Stuttgart (in the state of Baden-Württemberg) - Germany
1993 Travel Info Net Neuseeland - an interactive sales portfolio for the destination New Zealand, mainly produced as sales tool for the tourism industry.
1996 Discover Australia - an interactive tourguide on CD-ROM - for BRITZ:Australia - Australias major operator of recreation vehicles and group tours in German Language.
1997 Launch of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE at November 15. Meanwhile AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE is the most popular source of information about travelling to and in Australia in the web for all Germanspeakers.
1998 Various new features in AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE added, like operator databases, online shop etc.
2000 Launch of second comprehensive destination service US-INFOS.DE in 4th quarter.
2004 Launch of the new stopover portal STOPOVER-INFO.DE answering all questions concerning the flight to Australia and stopover options.
2008 Complete Redesign from AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE and Relaunch with new outfit and lots of new services
Jörg Lenz und Roland Peyer mit der Nunkul Yugerra Aboriginal Tanzgruppe auf der Tourismusmesse CMT
Jörg Lenz uad Roland Peyer with Nunkul Yugerra Aboriginal Dance Group at tourism show CMT

We invite you to explore the service of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE.
Note: Information of the following headings is in German Language

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Tax no. ("Ust-IdNr.") for international purposes is DE177234787.
Managing Directors are Ingo Dreyer, Jörg-M. Lenz und Roland Peyer.

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